Using a dual boot Mac mini

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The Mac mini features a:

  • Slot-loading CD/DVD drive
  • Power button located at rear
  • Dual boot configuration – runs both Windows and OS X.
Front view of Mac mini
Front view of a Mac mini

Turning on a Mac mini

The power button for a Mac mini is located at the rear of the unit - press the power button once to turn on the Mac mini.

Windows or OS X?

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select an operating system – Windows or OS X – then press Enter or Return.

The computer will start up using the selected operating system.

Selecting the start up operating system

Logging on

After selecting an operating system, you must log on to the University domain:

Location of eject key for CD/DVD drive
Location of eject key for CD/DVD drive

Ejecting a CD or DVD

The eject key for the CD/DVD drive on a Mac mini is located on the keyboard.

  • Load your CD/DVD by inserting it into the CD/DVD slot.
  • Eject your CD/DVD by pressing the eject key – there is a short delay between pressing the eject button and the disc ejecting.

Typing PC key commands on an Apple keyboard

See this Apple article for key mappings on plastic "Apple Pro" keyboards

The table below refers to key mappings on wired aluminium keyboard. See this Apple article for more information.

PC key command Apple external keyboard
Control-Alt-Delete control-option-delete*
Alt alt option
Backspace delete delete
Forward delete delete*
Enter return
Enter (numeric keypad) enter
Insert fn-enter
Num lock clear
Pause/Break F16
Print Screen F14
Scroll/Lock F15
Windows command

* Use the Delete key above the arrow keys.