Using laptops

We cannot guarantee that your laptop will work straight away when connecting it to the projection system in a shared teaching space.

We strongly recommend that prior to your scheduled class you:

  • Consult our detailed user guides (listed below) and familiarise yourself with  connecting your laptop to an external monitor or projector.
  • Consult this chart which lists the video activation commands for common laptop manufacturers. Most laptop computers require a function key or software command to activate/deactivate the laptop video output signal - the actual function key varies according to manufacturer and/or model.

Laptop network ports in shared teaching spaces are connected to the Centrally Allocated Teaching Spaces (CATS) network, served by DHCP.

Laptops do not need to be registered for DHCP to allocate an IP number on the CATS network.

The IP number and host name allocated on the CATS network will differ from those allocated in your normal work environment. This may limit access to network services which are restricted by IP number.

User guides

Read these user guides for more detailed instructions on how to connect your laptop to the projection system in shared teaching spaces:

Laptops using Windows 7 | PDF version of this guide

Laptops using OS X | PDF version of this guide