Theatres (capacity 150+)

Theatres are fully enabled for Lecture Capture (the central system that records audio and visual content from lectures). These lecture theatres are equipped with an extensive range of multimedia equipment.

Minimum equipment specifications

Theatres contain the following installed equipment:

NOTE: CD's playable via DVD or installed computer where no standalone CD player is installed.


  1. 198 Berkeley St-B01 [Copland theatre] ('The Spot')
  2. 200 Berkeley St-219 [Theatre 2]
  3. 207 Bouverie St-B103 [Theatre 1]
  4. Arts West North Wing-153 [Forum Theatre]
  5. Arts West West Wing-B101 [Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre]
  6. Baldwin Spencer-117 [Baldwin Spencer theatre]
  7. Building 184-127 [Harold Woodruff theatre]
  8. Burnley-MB06
  9. Chemistry-178 [Cuming theatre]
  10. Chemistry-189 [Masson theatre]
  11. Doug McDonell-103 [Herbert Wilson theatre]
  12. ERC-132 [Charles Pearson theatre]
  13. FBE-G06 [Prest theatre]
  14. Federation Hall-205
  15. Kwong Lee Dow-230
  16. Law-GM15 [David P. Derham theatre]
  17. Medical-C216 [Sunderland theatre]
  18. Medical-C403 [Wright theatre]
  19. Melbourne School of Design-B117
  20. Old Arts-122 [Public Lecture theatre]
  21. Physics South-L208 [Laby theatre]
  22. Redmond Barry-101 [Lyle theatre]
  23. Redmond Barry-102 [Latham theatre]
  24. Redmond Barry-103 [Medley theatre]
  25. Redmond Barry-104 [Lowe theatre]
  26. Redmond Barry-200 [Rivett theatre]
  27. Peter Hall-G01 [J.H. Michell theatre]
  28. Sidney Myer Asia Centre-B02 [Carrillo Gantner theatre]
  29. Veterinary Science-309 [Vet Science Werribee theatre]

Access arrangements

Presenters need a LEC key to access cupboards/lecterns containing installed multimedia equipment.

If you need a new LEC key, please contact your departmental administration support.

Infrastructure Services staff will open these spaces in advance of all classes and events that have been pre-booked in the central timetable system. Campus security will perform this function during weekends and evenings, if classes and events are pre-booked in the central timetable system.

To ensure a safe and secure campus for all, campus security and client services staff will decline to open spaces if there is no booking in the central timetable system.