Student workshops

Afford peer-to-peer learning encounters with student teams able to workshop concepts while standing at multiple whiteboards.

16, 20, 25 student capacity.

Students are welcome to use these rooms for informal study outside scheduled classes.

Minimum equipment specifications

All student workshops contain:

  • White boards for presenters and students (generally distributed around the room).

Some student workshops also feature:

  • One data projector (or large LCD monitor)
  • Laptop connectivity for presenter
  • DVD/VCR combo units (multi-zone) that also play CDs.

Access arrangements

Presenters need a LEC key to access cupboards/lecterns containing IT/AV equipment. Please contact your Academic Support Office if you need a new LEC key.

To ensure a safe and secure campus for all, staff will decline to open spaces if there is no timetable booking.

Student workshops are generally left unlocked to encourage student utilisation.