Learning suites

Learning suites are rooms suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate classes and have either:

  • multiple oval or round tables each seating four or five people.


  • a large board-room style table.

Minimum equipment specifications

All learning suites contain the following installed equipment:

  • Data projector
  • Networked computer (dual boot Mac mini or iMac, starts in Windows by default) for the presenter, with USB ports - plug in your own memory stick - you can also log-in to your faculty drive from this computer
  • SMART Board - interactive presentation surface that cannot be written on with ordinary white-board pens
  • White boards for presenters and students (generally distributed around the room)
  • At least one overhead projector (OHP) - OHP transparencies viewable via document camera where OHP not present
  • Wireless coverage.


  1. 100 Leicester St-105
  2. 100 Leicester St-106
  3. 100 Leicester St-107
  4. 100 Leicester St-108
  5. 100 Leicester St-109
  6. 200 Berkeley St-216
  7. 200 Berkeley St-217
  8. 200 Berkeley St-220
  9. Kwong Lee Dow-409
  10. Kwong Lee Dow-416
  11. Kwong Lee Dow-417
  12. Kwong Lee Dow-419
  13. Kwong Lee Dow-420
  14. Kwong Lee Dow-421
  15. Alice Hoy-225
  16. Alice Hoy-242
  17. Cussonia Court-G11A
  18. Cussonia Court-G11B
  19. John Medley-G21

Access arrangements

Presenters need a LEC key to access cupboards/lecterns containing installed multimedia equipment.

If you need a new LEC key, please contact your departmental administration support.

Infrastructure Services staff will open these spaces in advance of all classes and events that have been pre-booked in the central timetable system. Campus security will perform this function during weekends and evenings, if classes and events are pre-booked in the central timetable system.

To ensure a safe and secure campus for all, campus security and client services staff will decline to open spaces if there is no booking in the central timetable system.