Faculty spaces supported by Learning Space Support

Faculty of Arts

Room name Room type
Arts West-North Wing-G20 Seminar room
Arts West-North Wing-109 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Arts West-North Wing-120 Professional space
Arts West-North Wing-155 Seminar room
Arts West-North Wing-156 Theatre
Arts West-North Wing-161Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-192 (Atrium AV rack)Specialised space
Arts West-North Wing-253Seminar room
Arts West-North Wing-254Specialised space
Arts West-North Wing-255Specialised space
Arts West-North Wing-256Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-261Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-262Specialised space
Arts West-North Wing-263Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-353Specialised space
Arts West-North Wing-456Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-461Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-553Theatre
Arts West-North Wing-555Seminar room
Arts West-North Wing-556Collaboration room
Arts West-North Wing-561Collaboration room
Arts West-West Wing-202 Specialised space
Arts West-West Wing-205 Specialised space
Arts West-West Wing-211Collaboration room
Arts West-West Wing-212Collaboration room
Arts West-West Wing-213Specialised space
Arts West-West Wing-306Collaboration room
Arts West-West Wing-307Collaboration room
Arts West-West Wing-Exhibition Space L3Specialised space
Arts West-West Wing-308 Digital WorkshopSeminar room
Babel-104 [Computer Lab] Seminar room
Babel-407 Professional space
Babel-506 Seminar room
John Medley-EG61 [Computer Lab] (formerly G22) Seminar room
John Medley-E261 (formerly 231)Professional space
John Medley-E361 (formerly 343)Professional space
John Medley-Level 4 [Linkway] Professional space
John Medley-WG01 [Computer Lab] (formerly G15) Seminar room
John Medley-WG09 (pending handover)Collaboration room
John Medley-W131 (pending handover)Professional space (with video conferencing)
Old Arts-107 [William Macmahon Ball Theatre] Theatre
Old Arts-116 [CLS Room 4] Collaboration room
Old Arts-139Professional space
Old Arts-143 [CLS Room 3] Seminar room
Old Arts-163 Professional space
Old Arts-209 [Graduate Seminar Room 1] Seminar room
Old Arts-210 [Graduate Seminar Room 2] Seminar room
Old Arts-213 [Atrium Meeting Room] Professional space
Old Arts-222 [Arts Hall] Professional space
Old Arts-224 [South Theatre] Theatre (with video conferencing)
Old Arts-227 [Cecil Scutt Collaborative Room] Seminar room
Old Arts-231 [Video Conference Room] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Old Arts-239 [North Theatre] Theatre
Old Arts-257 [CLS Room 2] Collaboration room
Old Arts-263 [CLS Room 1] Collaboration room
Old Physics-G18 [Meeting Room 2] Professional space
Old Physics-G19 [Meeting Room 3] Professional space
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-G07 Seminar room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-G09 [Computer Lab] Seminar room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-241Professional space (with video conferencing)
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-321 Professional space
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-413 Professional space
Thomas Cherry (CCMC)-101 Seminar room
Thomas Cherry(CCMC)-102 [Photography lab] Seminar room
Walter Boas-101 [Terrace Lounge] Professional space
Walter Boas-102 [Lower Ground Seminar Room] Professional space

Faculty of Business and Economics

Room name Room type
198 Berkeley St-Level 1 Huddle SpacesSeminar room
198 Berkeley St-Level 1 Student LoungeProfessional space
198 Berkeley St-Level 2 Student LoungeProfessional space
198 Berkeley St-2001Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-2002Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-Level 3 Student LoungeProfessional space
198 Berkeley St-3008Theatre
198 Berkeley St-3010Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-3011 Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-3014 Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-3031 (Computer Lab)Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-3034 (Computer Lab)Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-4007Theatre
198 Berkeley St-4009 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-4010 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-4011 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-4012Theatre
198 Berkeley St-4014Theatre
198 Berkeley St-4024 Collaboration room
198 Berkeley St-Level 4 Collaborative spaces (1-5)Professional space
198 Berkeley St-5007Theatre
198 Berkeley St-5008Theatre
198 Berkeley St-5013 Collaboration room
198 Berkeley St-5014 Collaboration room
198 Berkeley St-5018Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-5019Seminar room
198 Berkeley St-6002 [CWL Meeting Room West] Professional space
198 Berkeley St-6003 [CWL Meeting Room Eest] Professional space (with video conferencing)
198 Berkeley St-Level 6 [CWL Collaboration Booths]Professional space (with video conferencing)
198 Berkeley St-6014 Collaboration room
198 Berkeley St-6015 Collaboration room
198 Berkeley St-Level 6 Student LoungeProfessional space
198 Berkeley St-7013 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-7039 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-8013 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-8038 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-9013 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-9037 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-10013 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-10034 (Open Plan Office Area)Professional space
198 Berkeley St-10039 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-11013 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-11038 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-12013 Professional space (with video conferencing)
198 Berkeley St-12020 (Dean's Boardroom) Professional space (with video conferencing)
198 Berkeley St-12028 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-12029 Professional space
198 Berkeley St-12052 Professional space
233 Bouverie St-G08 (Computer Lab)Seminar room
233 Bouverie St-G11 (Experimental Research Facility)Professional space - with observation camera
233 Bouverie St-G12 (Experimental Research Facility)Professional space - with observation camera
233 Bouverie St-G13 (Experimental Research Facility)Specialised space - with observation camera
233 Bouverie St-G14 (Computer Lab)Seminar room
233 Bouverie St-G21-G27 (Experimental Research Facility)Specialised space - with observation camera
233 Bouverie St-G28Computer Lab
233 Bouverie St-G32 (Experimental Research Facility) Specialised space - Control room
45 Barry St-301Professional space (Kitchen)
45 Barry St-307Professional space (TV Displays)
45 Barry St-319Professional space (Informal meeting space)
45 Barry St-321Professional space (with video conferencing)
45 Barry St-322Professional space (with video conferencing)
45 Barry St-323Professional space (with video conferencing)
45 Barry St-346Professional space (with video conferencing)
45 Barry St-347Professional space (with video conferencing)
45 Barry St-353Professional space (Huddle meeting space)
FBE-209 Seminar room
FBE-210 Seminar room
FBE-211 [Theatre 2] Theatre
FBE-212 Seminar room
FBE-213 Seminar room
FBE-214 Seminar room
FBE-219 Seminar room
FBE-220 Seminar room
FBE-221 [Theatre 4] Theatre
FBE-222 Professional space
FBE-223 Professional space
FBE-224 Professional space
FBE-225 Professional space
FBE-226 Professional space
FBE-304Seminar room
FBE-315 Seminar room
FBE-404 Professional space
FBE-508 Professional space
FBE-509Professional space
FBE-539Professional space
FBE-605 Seminar room
FBE-630Seminar room

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Room name Room type
141 Barry St-G02Professional space
200 Berkeley St-160 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-162 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-204 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-206 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-218 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-221 Seminar room
207 Bouverie St-B115 Seminar room
200 Berkeley St-G02 Professional space
200 Berkeley St-G15 Professional space
207 Bouverie St-302Seminar room
207 Bouverie St-303 Seminar room (with video conferencing)
207 Bouverie St-410 Professional space
207 Bouverie St-515 Professional space
207 Bouverie St-516 Professional space
207 Bouverie St-532 Professional space (with video conferencing)
550 Swanston St-103 Seminar room
550 Swanston St-108/109 Professional space
550 Swanston St-121 Theatre
550 Swanston St-123 Theatre
550 Swanston St-229 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-221Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-230Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-235 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-236Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-306Professional space (with video conferencing)
Alan Gilbert-734 Professional space
Alice Hoy-305 Collaboration room
Alice Hoy-302 Collaboration room
Medical-C810 [Pharmacology Meeting Room] Professional space
Medical-E309 [Harry Brooks Allen Museum] Professional space
Medical-E401 [Anatomy Seminar room] Seminar room
Medical-E403 [Anatomy Dissection Lab] Specialised space
Medical-E406 [Anatomy Dissection Lab] Specialised space
Medical-E707 [Ryan Room] Seminar room
Medical-E707A [Library] Professional space
Medical-E805 [Pharmacology Prac Lab] Seminar room
Medical-N202 Seminar room
Medical-N203 Seminar room
Medical-N204 Seminar room
Medical-N206 Seminar room
Medical-N207 Seminar room
Medical-N208 Seminar room
Medical-N209 Seminar room
Medical-N316 Seminar room
Medical-N326 [Physiology Meeting Room] Professional space
Medical-N701 Seminar room
Medical-N702 Seminar room
Medical-N703 Seminar room
Medical-N704 Seminar room
Medical-N705 Seminar room
Medical-N706 Seminar room
Medical-N707 Seminar room
Medical-N710 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Medical-N714 [Web Conference Room] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Medical-N725 Seminar room
Medical-N726 Seminar room
Medical-N727 Seminar room
Medical-N728 Seminar room
Medical-N729 Seminar room
Medical-N730 Seminar room
Medical-W108 Seminar room
Medical-W109 Seminar room
Medical-W110 Seminar room
Medical-W111 Seminar room
Medical-W112 Seminar room
Medical-W122 Seminar room
Medical-W123 Seminar room
Medical-W124 Seminar room
Medical-W125 Seminar room
Medical-W130 Seminar room
Medical-W205 Professional space         
Medical-W206 [Sanderson Room] Professional space          
Medical-W211 Professional space
Medical-W218 Professional space
Medical-W237 Professional space
Medical-W313 [Student Computer Lab] Specialised space
Medical-W401 [Peter MacCallum Room] Seminar room
Medical-W405 [Trikojus Lab] Specialised space
Medical-W411 [Young Lab]Specialised space
Medical-W501 Professional space
Medical-W514 Professional space
Medical-W603 [Pathology Meeting Room 1] Professional space
Medical-W614 [Pathology Meeting Room 2] Professional space
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-G-04 [Preclinical Lab] Specialised space
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-G-12Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-1.17 [Clinical/Research] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-201 [Seminar Room 2] Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-202 [Seminar Room 1]Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@MDC-212 Professional space
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-100 Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-103 Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-117 [Radiography Prac Room] Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-118 Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-120 [Geoffrey Wiley Lecture Theatre] Theatre (with video conferencing)
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-G-123 [Jean Falkner Tahija Lecture Theatre] Theatre (with video conferencing)
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-1-420 [Computer Lab] Specialised space
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-3-104 [Preclinical Seminar room] Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-3-115 [Preclinical Seminar room] Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-3-118 [Preclinical Seminar room] Seminar room
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-4-405 Professional space
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-5-108 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-5-222 Professional space
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-5-237 Professional space
Melbourne Dental School@RDHM-6-110 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Peter Doherty Institute-10-000E [Burnet Room] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Peter Doherty Institute-1076 [Boardroom] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-4042 [Boardroom] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-5001 [Seminar room 5] Seminar room
Peter Doherty Institute-5008 [Seminar room 4] Seminar room
Peter Doherty Institute-5009 [Seminar room 3] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Peter Doherty Institute-6057 [Pitard Room] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-7007 [Millis Room] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-7052 [Rubbo Room] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-8052 [White Room] Professional space
Peter Doherty Institute-G Auditorium Theatre
Peter Doherty Institute-GM001 {Heather Jenkins Library] Collaboration room
Peter Doherty Institute-GM002 [Seminar room 2] Seminar room
Peter Doherty Institute-GM003 [Seminar room 1] Seminar room
Peter Doherty Institute-GM028 [Microbiology Teaching Lab] Seminar room
Redmond Barry-1125 Seminar room
Redmond Barry-408 Seminar room
Redmond Barry-419 [Lab Meeting Room] Professional space
Redmond Barry-515 Seminar room
Redmond Barry-625 Professional space
Redmond Barry-933 [Recording Room] Professional space
Redmond Barry-1008Computer Lab
Redmond Barry-1125Seminar room
Redmond Barry-1206 Professional space (with video conferencing)

Faculty of Science

  Room name Room type
BurnleyBN902-Nursery NUR1Seminar room
BurnleyBN911-Centenary Centre-CEN1Seminar room
BurnleyBN901-Main Building-MB15Professional space (with video conferencing)
BurnleyBN901-Main Building-MB26Professional space (with video conferencing)
BurnleyBN906-Plant Science Lab-PSL4Seminar room
BurnleyBN906-Plant Science Lab-PSL6Seminar room
BurnleyBN898-Quadrangle Building 6-QAD6 [Quad Lecture Theatre]Theatre
Burnley BN899-Quadrangle Building 7-QAD7 [Computer Lab]Seminar room
CreswickBN744-Academic Centre-301Seminar room (with video conferencing)
CreswickBN714-Academic Offices & Lab-109Professional space (with video conferencing)
CreswickBN715-Science Block-123Seminar room
CreswickBN716-Research Laboratories-405Professional space (with video conferencing)
CreswickBN713-Seminar Centre-G07Seminar room
CreswickBN718-Student Computer Lab-151Seminar room
Parkville207 Bouverie St-L1.40 Seminar room
Parkville AMSI-134 Specialised space
Parkville Baldwin Spencer-136Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville Bio 21 Incubator-Level 1 Meeting Room B Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 1-G26/27 Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 3-226 [Sky Lab Room] Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 4-G01  Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 4-19 [Drummond Room Sth] Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 4-19A [Drummond Room Nth] Seminar room
Parkville Biosciences 5-G02 [Mendel Man Lab] Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-156 [Learning Centre] Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-188 Collaboration room
Parkville Chemistry-273 Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-294 Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-295 Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-296 [Multi-Media Room] Seminar room
Parkville Chemistry-179 Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-159 Professional space
Parkville David Caro-173 [Computer Lab] Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-174 Professional space
Parkville David Caro-175 Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-178 Professional space
ParkvilleDavid Caro-221Seminar room
ParkvilleDavid Caro-260 Professional space
Parkville David Caro-365 Professional space
Parkville David Caro-660 [Geoff Opat Room] Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-754 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville David Caro-760 Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-N247 [Graduate School Lab] Seminar room
Parkville David Caro-P410 Professional space
Parkville David Penington-366 Professional space
Parkville David Penington-442/443 Professional space
Parkville David Penington-M01 [Bio 21 Theatre] Theatre (with video conferencing)
Parkville McCoy-209 [Skeats Lab] Seminar room
Parkville McCoy-220 [Hills Lab] Seminar room
Parkville McCoy-406 Professional space
Parkville McCoy-503 [VC Conference Room] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville Old Geology-B20A [Deans Den] Professional space
ParkvilleOld Geology-101Professional space
Parkville Old Geology-111 Professional space
ParkvilleOld Geology-301Professional space
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-G29 [Thomas Cherry Room]Professional space
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-G69 [Thompson Lab]Seminar room
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-G70 [Wilson Lab] Seminar room
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-107 Seminar room
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-199Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvillePeter Hall (formerly Richard Berry)-212 [Nanson Lab]Seminar room
ParkvilleRedmond Barry-210Collaboration room
Parkville Redmond Barry-304 Seminar room
Parkville Redmond Barry-305 Seminar room
ParkvilleRedmond Barry-307 Seminar room
Parkville Redmond Barry-412 Seminar room
Parkville Redmond Barry-513 Seminar room
Parkville Redmond Barry-514 Seminar room

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

Campus Room name Room type
Dookie BN505-Administration Building-Meeting Room G05 Professional space
DookieBN507-Swinburne Hall Room G07Professional space (with web conferencing)
DookieBN507-Swinburne Hall Room G11Collaboration space
Dookie BN530-A Lecture Theatre-G01 Theatre
Dookie BN505-Academic Centre-Meeting Room G09 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Dookie BN511-Dookie Hostel-Computer Lab G06 Seminar room
Dookie BN542-Conference Centre G01 Seminar room
Dookie BN541-Gavin Gibson Learning Centre G02 Seminar room
Dookie BN541-Gavin Gibson Learning Centre G03 Seminar room
Dookie BN540-Gilbert Chandler Community Centre Lounge G02  Seminar room
Dookie BN527-Hugh Pye Academic Centre Boardroom G09 Seminar room
Dookie BN528-Lecture Theatre-D1 G01 Seminar room
Dookie BN528-Lecture Theatre-D2 G02 Seminar room
Dookie BN519-Building 1911-Lecture Theatre C G01 Theatre
Dookie BN519-Building 1911-Museum G02 Seminar room/professional space
Dookie BN545-Old Agricultural Engineering-Collaborative Learning Space G02 Seminar room
Dookie BN506-Patrick Ryan Conference Centre G02 Seminar room
ParkvilleAlice Hoy-022Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville Building 184-211 Seminar room
Parkville BN184-124 (Thomas Cherry Theatre)Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleBN184-214Seminar room
ParkvilleBN184-216Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleBN184-236Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleBN184-410Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleBN184-511Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleBN220-216Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville BN220-317Professional space (with video conferencing)
ParkvilleFVAS-G07Seminar room
ParkvilleFVAS-104Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville The Cottage Professional space (with video conferencing)
Parkville Veterinary Preclinical Sciences-G11A Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G12 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G13 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G14 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G15 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G16 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-G20 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Research Institute-313 Collaboration room
Parkville Veterinary Science-213 Seminar room
Parkville Veterinary Science-413 Professional space
Parkville Veterinary Science-G18 Seminar room
Werribee Seminar Room 1 Seminar room
Werribee Seminar Room 2 Seminar room
Werribee Dean's Conference Room Professional space (with video conferencing)
Werribee Computer Lab 416-111 Seminar room
Werribee The Loft Conference Room Professional space
Werribee West Wing Seminar Room Seminar room (with video conferencing)
Werribee Wet Lab Front Seminar room
Werribee Wet Lab Rear Seminar room

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Room name Room type
Kwong Lee Dow-214 [PC Lab 2] Collaboration room
Kwong Lee Dow-217 [PC Lab 1] Collaboration room
Kwong Lee Dow-218 [Mac Lab] Collaboration room
Elisabeth Murdoch-G17Professional Space

Melbourne School of Design

Room name Room type
Baldwin Spencer-109 [English Room] Seminar room
Baldwin Spencer- G18 [Student Maker Space]Professional space
MSD-G02 [Small Exhibition] Seminar room
MSD-G12 [Workshop] Seminar room
MSD-G42 [Large Exhibition] Seminar room
MSD-G23 [Workshop] Seminar room
MSD-102 [Dean's Meeting Room] Professional space (with video conferencing)
MSD-109 [Small Dean Meeting room] Professional space
MSD-117 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-118 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-120 [CAD Teaching Studio] Seminar room
MSD-121 [CAD Teaching Studio] Seminar room
MSD-124 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-125 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-129A [CAD Studio] Collaboration room
MSD-129B [CAD Studio] Seminar room
MSD-137 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-138 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-139 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-140 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-141 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-142 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-144 [Studio] Seminar room (with SmartBoard)
MSD-146 [Studio] Seminar room (with SmartBoard)
MSD-201 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-224 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-213 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-215 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-216 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-226 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-227 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-228 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-229 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-236 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-237 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-238 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-239 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-240 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-241 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-244 [CAD Teaching Studio] Seminar room
MSD-246 [CAD Studio] Collaboration room
MSD-308 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-314 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-318 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-341 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-359 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-401 [Japanese Room] Seminar room
MSD-408 [Hanging Studio] Professional space
MSD-412 [Meeting Room] Professional space
MSD-448 [Studio] Seminar room
MSD-449 [Studio] Seminar room
Thomas Cherry-330 (AURIN)Professional space (with videoconferencing)

Melbourne School of Engineering

Room name Room type
Alice Hoy-108 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-109 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-210 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-211 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-222 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-236 Seminar room
Alice Hoy-301Professional space
Centre for Neural Engineering-G31 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Centre for Neural Engineering-G32 Professional space (with video conferencing)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering-314 Professional space
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering-320bProfessional space
Doug McDonell-406 Professional space
Doug McDonell-409Professional space
Doug McDonell-417Professional space
Doug McDonell-502 Seminar room
Doug McDonell-606 Professional space
Doug McDonell-702 Professional space
Doug McDonell-803 Seminar room
Doug McDonell-807 Professional space
Doug McDonell-908-911 [Ideas Lab] Professional space
Doug McDonell-1005 [Oasis Lab] Seminar room
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-122 [TNL Lab] Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-205 [EE Meeting Room] Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-224 [NICTA Boardroom] Professional space (with video conferencing)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-300 Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-321 Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-322 Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-400 Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-500 [Smart Grid] Professional space
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-503A+503B [Richard Newton Conference room] Seminar room
Electrical and Electronic Engineering-518 Professional space
Engineering-B-309 Professional space
Engineering-B-403 [Head Of Department Office] Professional space
Engineering-B-405 [IE Boardroom] Professional space
Engineering-C-301 [IE Tea Room] Professional space
Engineering-D-207 Seminar room
Engineering-D-407 Professional space
Engineering-E-311 Seminar room
Engineering-E-418 [ME Boardroom] Professional space
Old Engineering-G49 [EDS5] Seminar room
Old Engineering-G16A [Dean's Office] Professional space
Old Engineering-G27 Professional space
Old Engineering-G28 [EDS2] Seminar room
Old Engineering-G49 Seminar room
Old Engineering-G53 [CMC House] Professional space
Old Engineering-G71 (Think Tank)Professional space
Old Engineering-G72 (Student Booth)Professional space
Old Engineering-G73 (Student Booth)Professional space
Old Engineering-G74 (Student Booth)Professional space
Old Engineering-G75 (Student Booth)Professional space
Old Engineering-G76 (Think Tank)Professional space
Old Engineering-G77 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G78 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G79 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G80 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G81 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G82 (Meeting Room)Professional space
Old Engineering-G84 (Quiet Study)Professional space
Old Engineering-111 [EDS6] Seminar room
Old Engineering-115 Seminar room
Old Engineering-119 Seminar room
Old Engineering-119A Professional space
Old Engineering-119B Professional space
Old Engineering-124 [EDS1] Seminar room
Old Engineering-202 [EDS4] Seminar room
Old Engineering-212 [EDS3] Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-101 Professional space
Old Metallurgy-132 [EDS11]Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-133 [EDS12]Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-138 [EDS7] Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-141 [EDS8] Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-206 Professional space
Old Metallurgy-207 Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-208 Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-209 [EDS9] Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-210 [EDS10] Seminar room
Old Metallurgy-382 Professional space
Walter Boas-403 Professional space
Walter Boas-404Professional space
Walter Boas-407 Professional space
Walter Boas-408 Professional space

Melbourne School of Law

Room name Room type
Law-G08 Theatre
Law-G14 Seminar room
Law-G27 Seminar room
Law-G29 Seminar room
Law-GM11BProfessional space
Law-GM16 Theatre
Law-GM17 Theatre
Law-GM30 Professional space
Law-102 Theatre
Law-104 Theatre
Law-106 Theatre
Law-108 Theatre
Law-109 Theatre
Law-202Seminar room
Law-203Seminar room
Law-210Professional space
Law-213Professional space
Law-221 Seminar room
Law-223 Seminar room
Law-224 Seminar room
Law-302 Professional space
Law-303Professional space
Law-304Professional space
Law-305Professional space
Law-306Professional space
Law-317 [Computer lab] Seminar room
Law-319 [Computer lab] Seminar room
Law-427 Professional space
Law-436 Professional space
Law-530 Professional space
Law-531 Professional space
Law-532 Professional space
Law-538 [Moot Court] Seminar room
Law-605 Seminar room
Law-608 Seminar room
Law-609 Seminar room
Law-610 Seminar room
Law-611 Seminar room
Law-628 Seminar room
Law-629 Seminar room
Law-630 Seminar room
Law-920 Professional space
Law-905 [Dean's Meeting Room] Professional space
Law-1002 [Boardroom] Professional space (with video conferencing)


Room name Room type
BN861 Rushes 1 Seminar room
BN861 Rushes 2 Seminar room
BN868 Buxton Teaching Gallery Seminar room
BN860 2.22Seminar room
BN860 301Seminar room
BN860 302Seminar room
BN860 310Professional space (with video conferencing)
BN860 319Seminar room

Last updated: 04 Jul 2018