Tips for new staff

LEC key

This is an important item needed to unlock cabinets in learning spaces containing IT and AV equipment. You can obtain a key through your local departmental administration staff.

Touch panel

Touch panels

If you're using one of our learning spaces, chances are you'll be using one of our touch panels. We highly recommend familiarising yourself with our touch panel control systems before you start teaching.

Training for shared learning space

Our support consultants offer 15 or 30 minute training sessions with academic staff seeking guidance on using the equipment in their allocated spaces. This service is most helpful for those using a shared learning space for the first time, or as a refresher course. Due to service demand, we are unable to provide any training during the first two weeks of each semester.

To book training, please complete the request form. We will then schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Lecturer standing at a lectern
Computer on a lectern

Software installation requests

Academics may request installation of specialist software in shared learning spaces, additional to the standard software. We encourage you to submit any software installation requests as early as possible, so that we can install your software well in advance of the scheduled classes.

We will contact you to arrange installation once we receive your request.

Learning space computer log in screen

Logging on to computers

Almost all shared learning spaces are equipped with iMac or Mac mini computers. These are dual boot computers, meaning you can choose either Windows or OS X operating systems when you start the computer. University staff and students can log on to these computers using their University username and password. Please remember to log out when you have finished your session.

These measures are in place to help us provide a reliable and robust environment for teaching and to ensure compliance with institutional security policies.