Doors, keys, access cards

LEC keys

All teaching staff (including sessional staff) need a LEC key to gain access to lecterns and cupboards containing installed multimedia equipment in shared learning spaces.

The ordering of new LEC keys is a departmental responsibility. Campus security welcomes orders from authorised departmental administration staff.

Access cards

University of Melbourne ID cards incorporate access control to buildings and are issued to staff and associates of the University who are currently considered 'Active' in Themis.

Information for teaching staff

Within each academic department, certain administrative staff are authorised to apply to campus security, on your behalf, to obtain access privileges to your allocated spaces. Please contact your departmental administration assistant as soon as you can, so that they may direct you to the person who can apply for your access privileges on your behalf.

Information for departmental administrative staff

The following guidelines are for departmental administrative staff with responsibilities for regular liaison with campus security.

Please complete this request form and raise the required internal order in Themis. Email your completed request form to - campus security prefer to receive electronic copies of the form. Forms will only be processed if they are sent by the appropriate departmental contact.

We recommend that applications are sent to campus security at least three weeks before the start of the semester.

Sometimes, tutors are not appointed until the second week of the semester, when class sizes are finalised. In such instances, it will not always be possible for campus security to process request forms, at short notice, in time for the required class. We therefore recommend that you consider applying for cards for potential tutors, in advance of class sizes being finalised.

If you have any queries, please contact campus security.

Please note

Learning spaces must be pre-booked with Timetabling to be unlocked - see the staff hub website for more information.